nine and 1/2 mickeys

sin city

the many lives of Mickey Rourke


who is Mickey Rourke?
1.) the bad-boy..the devilish little child inside the man
2.) the lover..the 2 'mrs'. m.r.s and the near 'miss'
3.) the fighter..with the heart of an insatiable boxer
4.) the actor..the ultimate of players on film
5.) the biker..grown-up, street-wise, passions the ride
6.) the celebrity..not your average publicity whore
7.) the man..the mystery..the legend..the myth
8.) the poster love..reluctant hottie with a deadly smile
9.) the survivor..back on top of the game..rightfully
1/2.) the best..yet to come..he's not even 1/2 over


what makes Mickey Rourke so cool?
1.) he has NEVER once in many moons sported a mullet
2.) he has a great swing..with a baseball bat, with those hips on a bar, in the ring with those jabs and punches that can KO you out..just like that smile  
3.) he has never appeared on a 'has-been' TV show..a la` 'hollywood squares', 'the surreal life'
4.) he has the ripped body of 24 year old pro body-builder and looks that kill
5.) he has too much stamina, depth and diversity to be called-out as 'type-cast'
6.) he made a fashion statement of carrying a small dog around as an accessory YEARS ago
7.) he has the best looking mug in the whole deck of celebrity mug-shot far
8.) he can make a pink striped 'wife-beater/joey buttafuoco' tee look 'couture'
9.) he knows how to use and wears confidence well and to it's fullest advantage
1/2.) he is still mastering the art of "cool" and is hardly done

me and mickey
manip altered by tal