Kathy On Mickey

sin city

The Belated Resurrection Of Cool

Mickey Rourke is an ingenious player on film who's talent transcends review, critique or interpretation. He possesses unique abilities all his own which are impossible to define. This alone is both a blessing and a curse for the man inside the actor. His confidence is sensually intimidating. His cockiness is sexually enticing. His attitude is explosive and magnetic in front as well as behind the camera. He is among the last of a dying breed.

Some have labeled Rourke "the new James Dean," or "the thin Brando." Truth is, he can't be categorized or compared to anyone who still claims acting as a career. His body of work is far too diverse to be placed into a single category. Those who can be classified simply would be out of of his league and pale in the comparison. Acclaimed acting coach Lee Strasberg stated "He's a shoe-in!," after seeing for himself what Rourke had to offer the craft. His style of artistry and projection is a rare gift that has been stifled by the mainstream far too long.

What he lacks in accolades, awards and recognition, Rourke more than makes up in the kind of pure raw genius that cannot be learned, copied, bought or concocted. He has taken a beating in print for several years now. Shamelessly debased, underrated and overlooked. He often beats himself up as well with brutal honesty in retrospect. It isn't easy to roll with the kind of punches he has taken unscathed but he doesn't bother to overly apologize or explain his actions. Mickey Rourke is the walking definition of what has been labeled "bad-ass," yet there's still a little boy inside the the man who grew up hard and way too fast. Unjustly misunderstood, discredited and dismissed for well over a decade. Criticism is no stranger to the free-spirited rebel from the mean streets who sometimes seems to feed off wreck-less abandon. Mickey Rourke is basically a working class anti-hero who has been known more often than not to be a willing victim of wine, women, song, boxing, bikes and less than perfect judgment calls. He attempted to make up for lost time on the playground in extreme quantities at break-neck speed. He has been crucified in the media for his past actions.

Recently, he seems to have graduated from the school of hard knocks and defiance. He's older and wiser. The lessons he has learned have left scars he not only wears on his face, but on his heart as well. They tell a story of struggle, winning and losing, but his eyes are still shining bright. His face is still beautiful. His work is not over. He still has untapped brilliance that should be recognized and appreciated. The up-hill battle is finally ready to be won. I plan to be there to cheer on the once again victor who has mesmerized me since the early '80s when he jumped-started my passion and never-ending admiration that can only be deemed, as 'MICKEY'!

 Rourke's latest film Sin City will be released on April 1, 2005. He is cast as "Marv" in the starring role. It's already receiving critical acclaim. Domino will follow closely (summer/august, 2005). Congratulations, best wishes and good luck Mickey. You deserve it!